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Aetherian Warriors
Aetherian Warriors


Twenty Fourth


Blood Angels



Chapter Master

Gabriele Vestri


Atargatis II


Aetherian Throne


1,000 (approx.)


Assault, Deep Striking


"Sanguinius' blessing!"

"I wear the red of the blood staining the hands of the xenos heretics. I wear the red of the grieving rage that enraptures the followers of the fallen Angel, united in delivering righteous vengeance upon the enemies of the God-Emperor. I wear the red of the dawn on every blood-soaked planet we will bring our crusades to! I wear the red of the Aetherian Warriors!"
―A battle prayer of the chapter.

The Aetherian Warriors are a Twenty Fourth Founding Successor Chapter to the Blood Angels. Being descendants of such a vicious chapter grants them the same skills of their Progenitors, unfortunately this also means they suffer from the Black Rage and the Red Thirst as well. It was a surprise when, for several decades, none of the chapter's members suffered from the geneseed's common afflictions. However, when it did occur, it was much more severe than the other successor chapters, often breaking out in horrible spurts.

Their creation came about due to a large increase in Chaos raids and Ork attacks along the fringes of Imperial space along the border of Segmentum Obscurus and Ultima Segmentum. This has lead to the chapter having a specialization to combat these enemies. Although they were created to fight Chaos, heretics in particular, and Orks, the Aetherian Warriors have seen deployment all across Imperial space to combat all threats to Mankind.

While being a mostly Codex-compliant chapter, they focus heavily on Assault Marines and dropping in the midst of enemy formations. Their Assault Marines are famed for their viciousness which other Blood Angels successors might mistake as the Marines falling victim to the Black Rage or Red Thirst. While this is incorrect, when an Assault Marine gripped in The Flaw, their ferocity is magnified tenfold, carving their way through hordes of enemies.


In M40, in response to an increase in Chaos and Ork attacks, and a lack of Space Marine chapters based in or near the Cordoine Sector, it was decided during the twenty fourth founding that a new chapter would be needed to defend Imperial space along the area of space between Segmentum Obscurus and Ultima Segmentum. Due to the ferocity of the hostiles, and the frequency of their attacks in the region, it was decided that the chapter would need the geneseed of an equally vicious chapter, and thus the Blood Angels' geneseed was chosen.

Veteran Sergeant Terzo Pesaresi of the Blood Angel's 1st Company was chosen to lead the new chapter as it's first Chapter Master, where he and his new command staff began the long process of recruiting the chapter's first marines. The process was long and arduous, with the constant fear of the Red Thirst and Black Rage on the minds of Pesaresi and his staff, eventually by 723.M39, the chapter was at full strength and ready to undertake its first crusade for the Emperor, after which, the Cordoine Sector was renamed the Aetherian Sector.

Aspilia CrusadeEdit

That first test of the new chapter would be the Aspilia Crusade, which was undertaken in 725.M39, to purge the Aspilia sub-sector of an indigenous xenos species that had been holding up Imperial shipments and fleet movements for several months. The Aetherian Warriors arrived to attack the outer most inhabited system, Seaotania, a very large ship manufacturing plant located at it's capital, Seaotania V. The fall of Seaotania V would cripple the xenos' ship production and relieve beleaguered Imperial naval forces.

The Second and Third companies were deployed via drop pods to the surface of Seaotania V, fifty kilometers from the city's capital, by the Strike Cruisers Glorious Obscurity and Potent Wisdom. They were to assist the 483rd Cadian Shock Troopers and the Arcadian 347th Armored Regiment, whom were both pinned down by heavy xenos plasma artillery. As they made planetfall, they soon discovered that both regiments had been decimated, both by enemy artillery and armored attacks.

With both regiments at quarter strength, taking out not only the artillery emplacements, but the capital itself would be considerably more difficult. Nonetheless they moved onwards, determined to prove themselves worthy to fight in the Emperor's name. Trekking on through the sludge surrounding the capital and shipyard, elements of the 3rd Company were separated and surrounded by heavy xenos tanks, which with heavy plasma cannons and thick armor killed many marines until they were eventually stopped by a young Devastator Marine brought along from the Blood Angels during the Chapter's founding, named Cristoforo Siena, future Captain of the 2nd Company. With his Sergeant dead, Siena was the most experienced marine there and quickly took charge of the situation, leading the remnants of the group and Guardsmen to where the rest of 3rd Company had arrived outside of the capital city.

Once inside the city walls, brutal urban fighting commenced, with the Assault Marines present showing off the ferocity that the chapter would later be known for. Carving their way through the legions of foul xenos, they paved the way for the entirety of 2nd Company and several Guardsmen regiments to enter the city, butchering the aliens inside. Within the week, the capital city had fallen, signalling the effective capture of both the planet and the system, with the shipyards being commandeered by the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Personnel as of 890.M41Edit

  • Chapter Master - Gabriele Vestri

1st CompanyEdit

  • Captain - Riccardo Ferrero
  • Chaplain - Giacinto Bandini
  • Apothecary - Sabino Romano
  • Standard Bearer - Fredo Corvi
  • Vanguard Sergeant Ilario Agnelli - Squad Agnelli
  • Vanguard Sergeant Federigo Belluomi - Squad Belluomi
  • Vanguard Sergeant Raffaello Mazza - Squad Mazza
  • Vanguard Sergeant Panfilo Fiscella - Squad Fiscella
  • Vanguard Sergeant Fabiano Piazza - Squad Piazza
  • Sternguard Sergeant Manuele Belmonte - Squad Belmonte
  • Sternguard Sergeant Aroldo Micheli - Squad Micheli
  • Sternguard Sergeant Liberatore Agosti - Squad Agosti
  • Sternguard Sergeant Ippolito Piccirillo - Squad Piccirillo
  • Sternguard Sergeant Savino Crocetti - Squad Crocetti
    • Sternguard Mauro Ruzzier - Squad Crocetti
  • Dreadnought Vilfredo Uggeri
  • Dreadnought Giosuè Passerini
  • Dreadnought Taddeo Tafani
  • Dreadnought Ermes Accursio
  • Dreadnought Ruggero Ruzzier

2nd CompanyEdit

  • Captain - Corradino Breda
  • Chaplain - Tancredi Scordato
  • Apothecary - Fulgenzio Esposito
  • Standard Bearer - Leopoldo Cattaneo
  • Veteran Sergeant Halius Aetherius - Tactical Squad Aetherius
    • Martino Perri - Tactical Squad Aetherius
    • Dario Nardo - Tactical Squad Aetherius
    • Adamo Ambrogio - Tactical Squad Aetherius
  • Sergeant Giampiero Sciacca - Tactical Squad Sciacca
  • Sergeant Samuele Sparacello - Tactical Squad Sparacello
  • Veteran Sergeant Romeo Caruso - Tactical Squad Caruso
  • Sergeant Egidio Spanò - Tactical Squad Spanò
  • Sergeant Isidoro Amalberti - Tactical Squad Amalberti
  • Sergeant Severino Poletti - Assault Squad Poletti
  • Sergeant Ezio Aiello - Assault Squad Aiello
  • Sergeant Taddeo Vinci - Devastator Squad Vinci
  • Sergeant Nevio Fabbro - Devastator Squad Fabbro
  • Dreadnought Sebastiano Albero
  • Dreadnought Armando Accardi
  • Dreadnought Giordano Raneri
  • Dreadnought Isidoro Sessa
  • Dreadnought Enrico Benvenuti

3rd CompanyEdit

  • Captain - Loreto Brivio
  • Chaplain - Eliseo Abate
  • Apothecary - Fabiano Conti
  • Standard Bearer - Edmondo Giordano
  • Sergeant Giustino Amadei - Tactical Squad Amadei
  • Sergeant Sansone D'angelo - Tactical Squad D'angelo
  • Sergeant Celestino Di Pasqua - Tactical Squad Di Pasqua
  • Sergeant Cornelio Guarneri - Tactical Squad Guarneri
  • Sergeant Oddo Armani - Tactical Squad Armani
  • Sergeant Silvio Tumicelli - Tactical Squad Tumicelli
  • Sergeant Eustorgio Airò - Assault Squad Airò
  • Sergeant Martino Poggi - Assault Squad Poggi
  • Sergeant Vittorino Neri - Devastator Squad Neri
  • Sergeant Arturo Guidi - Devastator Squad Guidi
  • Dreadnought Ale Aldebrandi
  • Dreadnought Tacito Di Antonio
  • Dreadnought Orso Zunino
  • Dreadnought Natanaele Fermi
  • Dreadnought Daniele Ferro

4th CompanyEdit

  • Captain - Fulvio Caro
  • Chaplain - Pompeo Acerbi
  • Apothecary - Agostino Valerio
  • Standard Bearer - Damiano Alesio