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Poleans Extreme Environment Mission Operations

Polean System


guerilla warfare, deep strike, clandestine operations

Heavy Weapons

melta weapons, explosives

Special Weapons

Extremis Mk4 helgun, Groza Mk13 lasgun, KL Shotgun


The Poleans Extreme Environment Mission Operations are the Imperial Guard Regiments from the Polean System. Most of its troops hail from the Death Worlds of Polean Prime and its orbiting moon, Túnis, with smaller numbers from the surrounding space mining colonies of the Polean System.

Organisation and RegimeEdit


Squats (Homo Sapiens Rotundus)Edit

Ratlings (Homo Sapiens Minimus)Edit

Kkonihi Ngahere (Homo Sapiens Truncatus)Edit

Nightsiders (Homo Sapiens Sublustrus)Edit


Each soldier has a standard personal equipment. These are:

  • Groza Mk13 Lasgun
  • 5-10 magazines
  • Mk23 Needle Pistol, with various toxin cocktails. These are, usually, made individually by each soldier.
  • Monofilament blade of the Machaera design
  • A scarf, usually red but can be any colour
  • A gas mask
  • An oxygen canister
  • A data-book with Imperial Guard manuals and other texts relative to warfare
  • Mess kit
  • Medi-pack
  • A bandoleer, usually from leather of indigenous Polean animals

Some soldiers choose to use the KL type Shotgun or the Extremis Mk4 Helgun. Also various autoguns are chosen as a second rifle, especially when in Long Range Patrols or extended operations behind enemy lines.