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War Claws
War Claws




Blood Angels



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Gavino Maiello


The Angel's Talon




Close Combat


"With the Claw, we tear!"


The War Claws are a Twenty Fourth Founding successor to the Blood Angels, a proud line of warriors of the Adeptus Astartes. In the times of the 39th Millennium, the enemies of Man were many, and while the Imperium needed to defend its beleaguered borders, it also required forces to bring the fight to the foes of the Emperor. For this reason, the War Claws were founded for the sole purpose of ever lasting crusade. To help with this task, they were given a fleet of warships and recruiting rights on any planet they visited in their travels. This crusade, which has gone on from the moment of their founding, has cleansed and claimed thousands of worlds in the Emperor's name.

In early M41, the War Claws suffered a devastating defeat at the hands of the Fleet of the Black Hand, a Chaos fleet of tremendous force and size. Their proud fleet was reduced to just four, including their Battle Barge, The Angel's Talon, and their Forge Ship, the Clawed Hammer. Despite these loses, they managed to recover their numbers quickly and are back up to nominal strength by the end of the Forty First Millennium. Even then, it has taken many years to begin the rebuilding of their fleet, managing to secure a deal with the Forge World of Triaxton IV in 583.M41. Due to the importance of this world in their efforts to return to glory, the War Claws have left a permanent garrison on Triaxton IV to protect it from any threats.