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WoT Astartes
A Battle-Brother of the Third Company, as denoted by the red shoulder trim and kneepad.
Wardens of the Tempest


22nd Founding (Records on exact date lost)


Believed to be the Ultramarines


Believed to be Roboute Guilliman

Chapter Master

Ryken Tertius


King's Bounty


Oculum Tempestus


Roughly 1000 Marines


Codex Chapter


"United in purpose! Baptised in blood! Tempered like steel! Vicious like the storm!"


The Wardens of the Tempest were a chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, established during the 22nd Founding. The Wardens of the Tempest are a Codex Astartes-compliant chapter, favoring a varied approach to warfare. Although Imperial records stated that the Wardens of the Tempest were descended from the Ultramarines, many believed that they were instead descendants of the Storm Wardens chapter, due to their similar names and the fact that their chapter cultures shared several peculiar similarities. However, these claims lacked any hard evidence to support them, and were also refuted vehemently by the Wardens of the Tempest themselves.